Commission C

"Radio Signal and Systems" Activity Report

2003.11.13 - 2004.3.9

March 9, 2004

URSI Commission C Japan

1. Enhanced the Executive Members

International Officers

  M. Akaike     Tokyo Univ Science

  K. Mizuno     Tohoku Univ

  T. Ohira      ATR

National Officers

  Chair                T. Ohira   ATR

  Radio Systems        M. Taromaru Kyushu Sangyo Univ

  Mobile Communication K. Itoh    Mitsubishi Electric

  High Frequency       T. Maniwa  Fujitsu Laboratories

  Signal Processing    Y. Kamiya  Tokyo Univ Agriculture Tech

  Electromagnetics     A. Sanada  Yamaguchi Univ

  Liaison to IEICE MW  K. Suematsu Mitsubishi Electric

  Liaison to IEICE AP  H. Yamada  Niigata University




2. Established the Website




contents   URSI union statutes

URSI-C Workshops Calender

URSI-C Committee Members

URSI-C Related Conferences

Links to Related Commitee and Society



3. Inaugurated the Domestic Open Workshop

The 1st scientific workshop

  "Towards future radio systems"

     Jan. 30, 2004          

     Mitsubishi Electric Amagasaki Hyogo

     Number of attendees: 79


MMW imaging techniques: Visible world with MMW sensors

           Prof. Koji Mizuno (Tohoku Univ)

Analog smart antennas: Expected function for IT world

      Dr. Takashi Ohira (ATR)

Digital TV in mobile phones: Technical challenges

      Prof. Minoru Okada (NAIST)


Arima hot spa in Kobe

       (detailed report in English on the web


The 2nd scientific workshop

  "Historical review on radio technologies"

May 28, 2004    

      Tohoku University Sendai Miyagi


The 3rd scientific workshop

  "Radio wave from the north"

July 20, 2004

Sapporo Hokkaido


The 4th scientific workshop

  "Radio wave from the south"

Oct. 22, 2004

Yufuin Oita



4. Getting Started Preparation for the Next General Assembly

Scientific sessions proposal (preliminary)

  a) analog smart antennas 

  b) space time signal processing

  c) RF technologies for digital broadcasting



5. Elected to the Grade of IEEE Fellow 2004.1.1

Takashi Ohira (ATR) for contributions to variable microwave signal processing circuits and antennas.