March 10, 2004



Activity Report of Commission F



Reported by T. Ihara (Chair, Commission F)



1. Commission meetings in the period of November 2003 – February 2004

   (For more detail, please see


(1) No.479 meeting

   Date: November 20-22 12, 2003 

   Place: Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kanazawa


The meeting was held under the co-sponsorship of the IEICE professional group on AP and RCS. Papers relating to adaptive antenna, MIMO, signal processing for wireless communications were presented including five papers relating to URSI-F subjects such as phase characteristics of mobile propagation path, tempo-spatial path model of mobile propagation, and MIMO propagation channel modeling in Nakagami-Rice fading environment. The joint meeting with the IEICE professional groups provided a good opportunity to exchange the state-of-the-art information on advanced wireless mobile communication system technology, and relating antennas/propagation technologies.


(2) No.480 meeting

   Date: December 12, 2003

   Place: Communications Research Laboratory, Koganei


Three papers on UWB (Ultra Wide Band) signal propagation, ground-based polarimetric SAR, and computer simulation of millimeter wave backscattering enhancement due to random particles were presented. The paper on UWB proposed a path loss formula for UWB system based on two ray model, and showed that UWB signals suffer less fading than narrowband signals, that UWB path loss exponents change 2 to 4 around a breakpoint, and that the breakpoint distance depends on the transmitting and receiving antenna heights. In the paper on polarimetric SAR, an ultra-wideband, ground-based, fully polarimetric SAR system developed for environmental studies was introduced, and results of measurements and data processing of polarimetric SAR signals from cherry trees in different seasons were also reported. In the paper on millimeter wave backscattering enhancement, some computer simulation results of single, double and triple scattering terms arising from spherical water particles of diameter 25 mm randomly distributed in a space of 90cm x 90 cm x 180 cm at 30-GHz were reported and the simulation result indicated that backscattering enhancement appeared at scattering angles less than about one degree.


(3) No. 481 meeting

   Date: January 22-23, 2004  

   Place: Ehime University, Matsuyama


The meeting was held under the co-sponsorship of the IEICE professional group on AP.

Papers covering broad topics relevant to antenna and propagation were presented including three papers relating to URSI-F subjects such as propagation characteristics of Medium wave band, direction-of-arrival estimation for detection of synchronized signal in the OFDM systems, and direction-of-arrival/angular spread estimation. In the paper on the Medium wave band propagation, results of propagation experiments carried out over various mixed paths such as plain-to-mountain, plain over mountain, and plain over sea and island were reported, and the necessity of propagation theory taking account of both surface and space wave was pointed out based on a comparative examination between the experimental results and conventional theory. In the paper of direction-of-arrival estimation for OFDM systems, two estimation methods of direction-of-arrival utilizing CAPON and MUSIC algorithms to detect the synchronized OFDM signal were proposed and a comparative examination between the two methods were reported. In the paper of direction-of-arrival and angular spread estimation, Gradient-MUSIC, Integral-MUSIC and Combined-MUSIC techniques were proposed in order to estimate direction-of-arrival for waves with angular spread, and results of comparative examination among the three techniques were reported.


2. Commission meeting to be scheduled

(4) No.482 meeting at NTT R&D Center, Yokosuka, on March 12, 2004.

(5) No.483 meeting at Kanto Galuin University, Yokohama on April 23, 2004.

(6) No.484 meeting at Iwate University, Morioka on May 21-22, 2004.

   This meeting will be held under the co-sponsorship of the IEICE professional group on AP

   and SAT.

(7) No.485 meeting at YRP Research Center of KDDI R&D Laboratories, Yokosuka

   on June 18, 2004.

(8) No.486 meeting at Sapporo Daiichi Hotel, Sapporo on July 21-23, 2004.

   This meeting will be held under the co-sponsorship of the IEICE professional group on AP

   and MW.


3. Related International Conferences

(1) The 59th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTCf04-Spring) (Genoa, Italy, May11-14, 2004)

(2) 2004 URSI International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (Pisa, Italy, May 23-27, 2004)

(3) URSI Commission F Triennium Open Symposium (Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, June 1-4, 2004)

(4) 2004 IEEE AP-S International Symposium & USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting(Monterey, CA, USA, June20-26, 2004)

(5) The 10th International Symposium on Antennas Technology and Applied Electromagnetics (ANTEM 2004) (Ottawa, ON, Canada, July 20-23, 2004)

(6) 2004 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAPf04) (Sendai, Japan,  August 18-21, 2004)

(7) Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC'04) (Qingdao, China, August 24-27, 2004)

(8) The 15th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC2004) (Barcelona, Spain, September 5-8, 2004)

(9) IGARSS'04 (Anchorage, Alaska, USA, September@20-24, 2004)

(10) IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2004-Fall(VTC'04-Fall) (Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 26-29, 2004)

(11) 29th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (IRMMW2004) (Karlsruhe, Germany, September 27-October 1, 2004)

(12) 3rd International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics and Its Applications (ICCEA 2004) (Beijing, China, November 1-4, 2004)

(13) Asia Pacific Microwave Conference 2004 (APMC '04) (Delhi, India, December 15-18, 2004)